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Breeding Philosophy

It is important to us that our dogs, and the puppies produced from them, come as close to the KC/CKC breed standard as possible. For that reason, we show our dogs in Conformation, and are proud to have award-winning dogs in our home, and in our pedigrees. However, we do realize that the show ring is not the only way to evaluate a potential breeding dog, and thus we do not make our decisions based solely upon a Championship title.

Breeding for us is not a commercial enterprise (Ask my Bank Manager!) therefore we don't breed often. We will have a litter when we have the time and resources available. We don't breed simply to produce puppies for sale.

If you'd like information about our planned litters please ask us.

Our goal is to produce happy, healthy puppies that excel in all walks of life. The first step to achieving that goal is the selection of parents. So, what does it take for one of our dogs to be "approved" for breeding?

Our bare minimum requirements are

    * He/She is of a quality that, in our opinion, would have a reasonable likelihood of winning in conformation
    *He/She has a temperament that, in our opinion, makes it possible for him/her to excel in
      performance venues.
    *He/She is at least 18 months of age. For girls, she has had at least 2 normal seasons prior to
      breeding, but she is not older than 6 years of age
    *He/She is up to date on health evaluations.
    *He/She is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club or an FCI-approved
      International Kennel Club.

In case of girls wanting to use our boys at stud:
She is owned by a person(s) who upholds the ethics of the Canadian Kennel Club/Breed clubs and who puts the care and well being of the bitch and potential offspring above all else, and who has the resources available to them to successfully raise and care for the potential offspring.